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Melt The Body 
With A Detox Body Melt 
Unparalleled Contouring Firming Detoxifying & Relaxing

If you have tried weight loss programs, exercise & diet after diet but still have unwanted inches, cellulite, and loose skin, the body wrap is the answer. Dead sea and mud calcium bentonite pull toxins from the tissue and release them into the lymphatic system. As the lymph system is stimulated through heat it begin the detoxification process. As toxins are cleared the body we feel an overall sense of well-being. Inch loss and cellulite loss is an added asset inflamed tissue become both calm and smooth!
 The benefits are popular with Hollywood and with Dr Oz because of their overwhelmingly dramatic and measurable results which are  with a measurable Guarantee! They are strongly encouraged for releasing stored up toxins within our tissue resulting in a detoxification of the body mind and spirit! 

Organic Detox is a True Difference

Feel the difference between a toxic chemical reaction inch loss and a true detoxification process. By using only pure ingredients we purify, detox and eliminate toxins with truly lasting inch loss results!

Organic Tri-Phyto Body Wrap Detox Process

Organic pure drawing clay's detoxifying Organic sea vegetables and 19 herbs this powerful  detoxifying and toning body wrap will gently aide in the removal of waste, reduce fat and cellulite accumulation, and increase blood circulation while giving an overall feeling of well being. . The inch loss over 4 inches cumulative within one treatment guaranteed! Many experience well over the 4 inches and over several treatments experience loss of over several clothing sizes. Each consultation covers before and after treatment for obtaining and maintaining optimum results and supporting long term goals. With Our Wraps maximize effectiveness of this treatment based upon the individual needs of the client! 
We include personalized oils for customized treatments and maximum results.


Single Wrap is $200 1/hr 
3 Weight Loss Body Wraps - $600.00
5 Weight Loss Body Wraps - $1,000.00
Treatment Recommendation: 6 to 8 wraps to achieve Cellular Stability and Lasting Results!

How can I be sure wraps aren't dehydrating?
Whereas the other (dehydration) wraps advise against getting more than one wrap a week, we plainly state in all our literature that you can safely get as many wraps in one day as you want. There’s no medical contraindication to doing so. 

bowl with sea salt. The dead sea salt is a amazing treatment to exfoliate the skin of impurities and create an even glow to the skin

How will I look?
You will look 6-20 inches slimmer on your first wrap alone. We always take into consideration that each person is different and may have specific goals in mind.

Are there any medical considerations?There are no specific conditions that are listed as strict contraindications for getting a wrap; however, common sense dictates. If you are on medication or have any physical problems, you should consult your physician.

Will I lose weight with the wraps?A slimmer appearance and inches, not pounds,  electrolyte-mineral body wraps are designed for. Any weight you lose is a bonus! 
Neck Tighten & Lift Wraps
Neck  Lift and Tighten Treatments $65
Neck Treatments can be added to Body Wrap Packages 25% off

Double chins are caused by a buildup of fat deposits in the most undesirable place. The good news is, you can get rid of your double chin and create a more beautiful jawline without surgery with this Neck Lift Wrap Treatment.
 The clay will pull toxins from deep within the skin cells and tighten the skin. The wrap treatment is combined with the Neck Lift Serum. The serum contains new generation tightening agents that not only provides an immediate tightening effect, but long term tightening, strengthening skin's connective tissue and stimulating collagen synthesis & renewal of tissue cells

Ionic Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath $45 for 30 min

 Detox Foot Spa gives your body just the right balance of positive and negative ions, absorbed through the feet, and kick-starts your body's own natural detoxification process. When your body is in equilibrium, the cells will be working at optimum efficiency. Our detox foot spa rebalances and rehydrates your body's cells, to help you achieve the optimum balance, and to remove toxins quickly.
This re-balancing helps you dispose of unwanted toxins and revitalizes necessary nutrients within your body. The result is a renewed vitality and increased physical and mental energy levels. Or put simply - you'll feel better.  In just 30 minutes notice how many toxins have been removed from this subject's body.
Here's how it works:
Throughout the course of the day, the average person will encounter a variety of environmental factors which affect their well being. This includes food additives, tobacco smoke, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, stress, lack of exercise, or even air pollution. These factors cause toxins to build up in your body throughout the day. This buildup prevents your body from functioning at its optimal level. Your body detoxifies as much as it can, but never can eliminate all toxins. That's often why you may feel tired, have headaches, catch colds frequently, have sinus problems, dry skin, or bad breath.
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